Seio Super Flow Pumps
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Seio Super Flow Pumps

Circulation is extremely important in an aquatic environment. The Seio Super Flow Pumps deliver high-volume water outputs at affordable prices. The Seio pumps are energy efficient, put out minimal heat and provide very high-volume and well-dispersed water flow: These features help to keep electric bills low, while adding the needed flow to your tank. Additional features include ceramic shafts and durable high-impact plastic impellers that make these pumps reliable and long-lasting. The fully submersible Seio Super Flow Pumps can be used in both fresh and marine water environments. Your current-loving fish, corals and invertebrates will appreciate the addition of these pumps.


  • Reef Tanks
  • Fish-Only Marine tanks
  • Large freshwater tanks
  • Highly populated freshwater feeder tanks
  • Shallow water environments
The Seio pumps include the following:
  • 1 Seio Super Flow Aqua Pump
  • 4-6 Suction Cups
  • 1 Adjustable 160 degrees Swivel Side Discharge Hanging Bracket
  • 1 Adjustable Elevated Side Side Discharge Hanging Bracket
  • 1 Hang on the Tank Vertical Mount Bracket
  • 1 Suction Cup Bracket
  • 1 Bracket Saddle
  • 6ft (180cm) Cord

Model available:

Seio M250 250 gallons per hour 950 liters per hour (We do not stock this pump)
Seio M620 620 gallons per hour 2400 liters per hour
Seio M820 820 gallons per hour 950 liters per hour
Seio M1500 1100 gallons per hour 3200 liters per hour
Seio M2600 2600 gallons per hour 4400 liters per hour

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Revised: May 31, 2007 .