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Marine Aquarium Filters
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Cell Pore Bio Blocks
Biofiltration Media
1.25" cubes
for freshwater and marine aquariums
2760 square feet of available surface area per cube
superior biological filtration
unrestricted water flow
no phosphates


       Wet Dry Filters

wet dry filter

Drop in trickle filter w/overflow box
(you supply 10 gallon tank)-good up to 125 gallons dimensions: 11.75x9x11.75   $127.99

wet dry filters

Drop in trickle filter w/overflow box
(you supply 20 gallon tank)-good up to 150 gallons dimensions: 11x11x11.75   $131.99

Trickle Tek I w/prefilter
good up to 150gal
dimensions: 23x9x15    $215.99
for store pick up only- can not be shipped


Twin Tek w/double outlet prefilter
good up to 200 gal dimensions: 36x11.5x15.5  $371.99 
for store pick up only- can not be shipped

Triple Tek wet/dry (does not include prefilter box)
good up to 300 gal dimensions:  $322.99 
for store pick up only- can not be shipped 

Prefilter box-single outlet   $61.99

Prefilter box-double outlet   $79.99

EcoSystem Products


       Bio Pellet Reactors

Top and bottom screens to keep pellets in place not in your tank. 

Chamber design minimizes pump size.  You can get by with a much smaller pump than other reactors

Easy Lock thumb screws

Precision machined parts


Model 3 $159.99
good up to 115 gallons
3" diameter column



Model 5 $198.99
good up to 315 gallons
5" diameter column



Model 6 $238.99
good up to 450 gallons
6" diameter column



Model 8 $298.99
good up to 800 gallons
8" diameter column



Aquatic Technology White Bio Pellet Reactor


Instruction Manual



We have many different sized reactors with capacities up to 4 liters of biopellets and easily handle an 800 gallon aquarium

When you cycle the reactor you should use 10 ml of biopellets per 8 gallons of tank size.  If your nitrates are above 20 ppm or you phosphates above .15 ppm you should start with 10 ml per 16 gallons of tank size.  After the reactor is cycled you will want to add enough biopellets so that you have 100 ml of biopellets per 20 gallons of tank size.  If your nitrates and phosphates don't go down near zero after 2 months you can safely double this dose.

If you insist on putting too many biopellets in at first your water will most likely turn cloudy white from a bacterial bloom.  If this happens remove some of the pellets from the reactor and add them back in later.

 Pump sizing: 

The pump needs to be large enough that all of the pellets are moving or tumbling with no dead spots with no movement.  If there are dead spots the pellets will clump.

 Setting up the reactor: 

1.  Remove the lid and top screen and sponge if any.  Do not use a sponge with biopellets.  Add the appropriate amount of pellets.  Replace and tighten the top screen an inch or so below the top of the reactor.  replace and tighten the lid.  make sure no biopellets are trapped between the lid and the flange.

2.  Hook up a correctly sized pump using 3/4 inch tubing.  For safety clamp all connections with plastic clamps.

 3.  Turn on and adjust the flow so that  all pellets are tumbling.  Wait 15 minutes or so and turn off the pump and shake the pellets so the ones at the top fall down.  repeat every 15 plus minutes till they no longer pile up at the top.  You may have to slow the flow down if it keeps happening.  You only need enough flow to keep the pellets moving.

 4.  You are done.  Every so often check the reactor for pellets stuck to the top and turn off the pump if there are any and shake them loose.  After many months you may have to remove the top and clean the top plate.  Over time you may have to remove the center tube and clean the bottom plate.  Add biopellets as they become used up

Other Filters

We carry the complete Line of Rainbow Lifegard Canister Filters

Chemical Module
Single capacity $44.99
Double capacity $53.99
Triple capacity $64.99

 Mechanical Module
Single capacity $48.99
Double capacity $56.99
Triple capacity $68.99

Pentair Aquatics 
New Aqua Step Hang on the Tank UV Sterilizers

15 watt $
25 watt $

Rainbow Lifegard  Pentair Aquatics 40 watt UV sterilizer   $

Rainbow Lifegard Pentair Aquatics 25 watt UV sterilizer   $

Rainbow Lifegard Pentair Aquatics 15 watt UV sterilizer   $

Rainbow Lifegard Pentair Aquatics 8 watt UV sterilizer   $

Aquatic Technology Batch Denitrator (the only denitrator that really works!!!)
We can fabricate one to fit your exact requirements.  The storage tank on our standard unit is 12"x12"x17" tall.  It will handle up to 2000 gallons depending on the fish load.  The doser pump box is approximately 8"x8"x8" and is generally located on top of the unit but it can be moved.  It uses 2 timers which are included with the unit.  They take up approximately 18" by 5" by 4" and must be located near the unit.  You need to provide a fill pump which will be controlled by the timers.  We can help you size one to fit your tank.  The denitrator tank must be located so that it can drain back by gravity into either your sump or tank
complete system $549.99 & up
dosing pump head, motor, and motor housing only $347.99
Click here for [ De-Nitrator Operating Instructions ]

Polyfilters   8"x4" $10.99  

Bio Balls   $12.99/gallon  
/ cubic foot 
$80.00 / 2 cubic feet 
$140.00 / 4 cubic feet

Aquamedic Large Calcium reactor 1000 up to 250 gallons   $231.99
comes with metering pump

Aquamedic MiniCalcium reactor up togallons   $96.99

Aquamedic Kalkwasser reactor   $265.00

we stock a complete line of CO2 accessories
call for pricing

Aqua Medic CO2 Accessories
 CO2 regulator   $135.99
ABM Ventil solenoid valve $68.99
AM Bubble counter

Aquamedic Maxi Nitrate Reducter 5000 (up to 800 gallons)   $825.00

Aquamedic Large Nitrate Reducter 1000 (up to 250 gallons)   $231.99
cones with metering pump

Aquamedic Deniballs  (.8 liter)   $30.00

Aquamedic Denimar Tablets
400 $69.00



Check our [ Pumps Page ] for fantastic prices on pumps to use with our filters.



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