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October 2019 Specials
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175 watt  Mogul base Metal Halide Light Bulb Specials

175 watt 12000K  $46.99

Order 6 or more take an additional $4.00 off per bulb ($42.99 each)

order 12 or more take an additional $10.00 off per bulb ($36.99) each




Metal Halide Electronic Ballasts

400 watt 220 volt $115.99

while supply lasts

price includes chord adapter



solid carbon dosing PHBV pellets

200ml $9.99
250ml $12.29
400ml $18.99
500ml $23.49
1000ml $44.99

call for pricing on larger quantities
We will beat any competitors prices on biopellets by 10 percent

Resellers, Stores, Clubs, Individuals with large systems looking for biopellets.
We can give you excellent pricing on large quantities of bio pellets.


10 pack price

55 watt PC Power Compact SHO Lights

Linear Pin CF Lights

sod in case lots only (10 per case)

   1st case $59.90 ($5.99 each)

2nd case $49.90  ($4.99 each)

each additional case $39.90 each ($3.99 each)

5400K , 6700K, or actinic 03 straight pin only mix/match
 add $1.00 per actinic bulb


Ushio 70 watt double ended
14000K HQI Metal Halide Bulbs
only $39.99 each

All UVL T5 HO bulbs $15.00 each for 8+

can mix sizes and bulb types
 this month only
available in 2', 3', and 4' lengths

available in indigo sun, actinic 03, 454 blue, actinic white, 7525 and aquasun
in store or mail order -must mention this add

add $2.00 per bulb for internal reflectors or new red sun bulb

1" SCWD's 

The 1� SCWD from 3iQ Ventures was designed and built to the highest standards of Quality and Reliability.  Designed with large aquarium and pond applications in mind, this device will provide increased water movement at higher volume rates.  With its 1� standard threaded inlet and outlets, the device can be hard plumbed with PVC fittings, or soft plumbed using barbed fittings.  The cap is removable, which allows for easy maintenance.  With the new drive design, the 1� SCWD will run with pump applications from 500 GPH to 3500 GPH.  Besides the obvious physical differences, the design of the 1� SCWD is targeted toward higher water volume output, with a substantially increased switching duration.   A longer interval between switching cycles means better water movement penetration to the extreme areas of larger aquariums, providing your corals, invertebrates, and plants with longer periods of time between shifting currents. 

The 1� SCWD comes preassembled with the standard drive assembly installed.  With its efficient new design, the 1� SCWD allows the hobbyist to switch out drive assemblies and diverters to customize the output flow and switching duration to meet their specific water movement needs



Suction Cup Swivel Mount


Works with any of the maxijet mod kits $8.99



 Deep Discount while supplies last
very limited supplies

Aquarium Clean for saltwater
Bacteria Based Product- reduces compounds
8 oz $17.50 treats up to 7,200 gallons
16oz $28.25 treats up to 14,400 gallons

Ammonia/Nitrite Eliminator for saltwater aquariums
Bacteria Based Product
 8 oz treats up to 2000 gallons

Ammonia Eliminator for saltwater aquariums
Bacteria Based Product
16oz treats up to 4000 gallons

16 oz treats up to 6400 gallons $28.00 sold out

American Marine Pinpoint Calcium Monitor
while supply lasts





Marc Weiss Products

while supply lasts

Marc Weiss Amino Vital AV6 $13.14

Marc Weiss Immuno-Vital Marine 16oz $8.99

Marc Weiss Spectra Vital $12.99



Eco Systems Reef Solution

while supply lasts

1 Gallon $85.99


Eco Systems Fish Solution

while supply lasts

8 oz $6.99





The SCWD (pronounced squid) is a revolutionary device designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable service.Clearly the most efficient wave maker on the market, coupled with unique and patent-pending free flow, low back pressure features, this compact device is the best mechanical current generating device available on the market today!

SALE $31.99 
you must mention this add to get the sale price


ALGAE A Problem Solver Guide

By Julian Sprung










Limited availability on Smooth Hound sharks - call







Radium Bulbs 20000K
250 & 400 watts

$89.99 either bulb

Reef Invertebrates by Calfo & Fenner 
An Essential Guide to Selection, Care, and Compatibility 

Reef Life

soft cover
$19.99 hard cover $25.99 

 EcoSystem Products

call for prices on complete systems!

Cultured Live Sand

$25.00 a 20lb bag or $40.00 for 2-20lb bags.

Aquamedic Turboflotor 1000
You must mention this special for this price.

Aquamedic Turboflotor HOB

  Laboratory Cultured 

Live Marine Phytoplankton
Tisochrysis lutea (formerly isochrysis)
Tetraselmis suecica
Nannochloropsis oculata

The Missing Ingredient for a Successful Reef Aquarium

Phytoplankton is a very important food for marine organisms, because as primary producers of essential nutrients in the oceans, phytoplankton is crucial to the development and survival of most, if not all marine animals at some level.

Phytoplankton are tiny floating organisms (such as unicellular algae, diatoms and dinoflagellates) which serve the same role in the food chains of the oceans as vegetation serves on land; namely small things eat them, which are in turn eaten by bigger things, and so on as the food chain progresses. Many coral reef animals such as clams and other sediment feeding mollusks, soft corals, sponges, feather duster worms, tunicates, copepods and other zooplankton (including invertebrate larvae) feed directly on phytoplankton for all or at least some of their diet. Even those that do not, such as most stony corals, rely ultimately on the nutrition gained from phytoplankton and other marine algae eaten by the zooplankton they prey on. Some essential nutrients gained from phytoplankton cannot be synthesized by animals, and are therefore extremely important components of a healthy diet.

The most important of these nutrients are the class of lipids known as long chain omega-3 fatty acids. One of the major breakthroughs in the aquaculture of marine animals was the discovery that these fatty acids were an essential part of the diet, and without them, nutritional deficiencies or arrested development are common problems.

Many reef-dwelling animals for sale in aquarium stores are sediment feeders which specialize in eating phytoplankton. The poor record of survival in aquaria for many of these animals is most likely a direct consequence of their starvation without phytoplankton being available to feed on. Even if phytoplankton is fed, it will not be of any use if it is not properly stored and in most cases these animals require live phytoplankton. For live phytoplankton to be an effective food, it must either be from actively growing cultures or refrigerated species which become dormant while retaining their nutritional value, which is not common. Most of the species of phytoplankton that are used in commercial aquaculture, such as Isochrysis, Tisochrysis and Tetraselmis are only effective if fed from actively growing cultures.

Animals which contain symbiotic zooxanthellae, such as corals and giant clams cannot gain all of their nutritional requirements from light alone. The symbiotic algae only provides sugar as a nutrient, and although sugar alone may provide 100 % of the animals energy needs it does not provide the other nutrients, such as complex fats and protein that are needed to grow, reproduce, fight off disease, repair tissue and many other needs. For example, researchers on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia showed that 75% of the phytoplankton passing over the reef was captured and eaten by giant clams (T.gigas); furthermore, juvenile clams were found to obtain 65% of their energy needs from feeding on phytoplankton rather than photosynthesis.



Live phytoplankton is the natural food for many reef and sand dwelling invertebrates including fan worms, sea apples, clams, tunicates, many corals and some sponges.

5.5 oz $5.99
15 oz $10.99
30 oz $19.99




Ruby Reef - Rally Medication...
100% Reef safe

1 Liter Bottle treats 180 gallons $12.99

2 Liter Bottle treats 360 gallons $18.99 .

URI 46.5" or 48" VHO bulbs
 ...your choice of spectrum.
$115.00 / 6 bulbs
add $1.00 / bulb for aquasun or 454

B-Ionic 2 part Calcium Buffer System $36.99
1 gallon each component in set.
multiples of 3 $32.99 each set.

  New Products 

Invertebrates A Quick Reference Guide by Sprung $27.99

1 left Icecap model 3000 ballast no harness $79.99


Rainbow Lifeguard 40 watt U.V. sterilizer $219.99



The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium 
Volume I, II, or III, or IV

by Fossa & Nilsen  $69.99


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