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Protein Skimmers

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At Aquatic Technology, we know the products we sell.  We can help you choose the right skimmer for your aquarium.  We sell, at discounted prices, protein skimmers from ASM, Red Sea, CPR, ETS, ETSS, HSA, Pacific Coast, Aqua Medic and many other manufacturers.

All Seas Marine Protein Skimmers


ASM Protein Skimmer All Seas Marine ASM G Series Protein Skimmers

ASM (All Seas Marine) Protein Skimmers are similar in design and in how they work to a Euro-Reef protein skimmer yet are produced using a lower cost extruded PVC tube to save on the costs of manufacturing versus acrylic. The ASM protein skimmers are high efficiency skimmers and utilize the Sedra pump and needle wheel made famous by Euro-Reef. The recommended tank size for each ASM protein skimmer is listed below. You may want to consider a larger skimmer depending on your aquarium load.

As always we will meet or beat any competitors prices

Model Width Height  Footprint Sedra Pump Manufacturer Rating Price Shipping
ASM Mini 4.5" 20.5 5.5"x11.5" Genex 1000 75 gal $118.99 $19.01
5.5" 19" 8.5"x10" 2500 100 gal  $236.99 $45.01
5.5" 22.5" 8.5"x11" 3500 150 gal $256.99 $48.01
6.5" 21.25" 10"x11" 3500 200 gal $272.99 $52.01
6.5" 25" 11"x12" 5000 250 gal $308.99 $58.01
8.5" 24" 11.5"x16" 5000 350 gal $404.99 $77.01
ASM G-4+
ASM G4 plus with Sedra 9000 upgrade
8.5" 24" 11.5x16" 9000 350 gal $425.99 $77.01
8.5" 30" 13"x14" 9000 450 gal $436.99 $83.01
8.5" 36" 16"x17" 2 x 9000 700 gal $572.99 $109.01
8.5" 48" 18"x19" 3 x 9000 1200 gal $726.99 $139.01
* we will pay your freight up to the maximum shipping credit. Remember on orders outside the state of Ohio there is no sales tax.  On orders in Ohio we will pay your freight and sales tax up to the maximum shipping credit.

Red Sea Protein Skimmers
Red Sea prizm protein skimmer Red Sea Prizm 
Protein Skimmer


Red Sea Berlin Airlift 60 
Protein Skimmer 


Red Sea Berlin Airlift 90 
Protein Skimmer

Berlin HOT protein Skimmer Red Sea Berlin 
HOT (hang on tank)
Skimmer $165.99

red sea berlin turbo xl Red Sea Berlin Turbo XL
Protein Skimmer

with turbo pump

Red Sea Prizm Pro Deluxe
Protein Skimmer
one of the best hang on skimmers ever made!
same as above but also includes surface skimmer and filtration media basket

you must mention this price from the skimmer page

Aqua Medic Protein Skimmers

miniflotor Aqua Medic Protein Skimmer Aqua Medic Mini Flotor Protein Skimmer 
internal air driven protein skimmer  (up to 50 gallons)  

Midi Flotor Aquamedic Protein Skimmer Aqua Medic Midiflotor Protein Skimmer
 internal air driven protein skimmer (up to 100 gallons)

Aqua Medic Turboflotor 1000 Aqua Medic Turboflotor 1000 Skimmer without pump

Turboflotor 1000 multi Protein Skimmer Aqua Medic Hang on Tank Turboflotor 1000 Multi Skimmer w/pump  $259.99



Turboflotor 5000 Baby
Protein Skimmer

Turboflotor 5000 Shorty Compact
Protein Skimmer

Turboflotor 5000 Single
Protein Skimmer

Turboflotor 5000 Twin
Protein Skimmer 72"

Aqua Euro  Backpack II Protein Skimmer
compare to CPR Backpack II Skimmer

guaranteed lowest price! We match prices. Confirm price when ordering.

|Aqua Euro Dual Backpack II Protein Skimmer 
compare to CPR dual backpack skimmer

Via Aqua Multi Skimmer
$ 79.99
compare to CPR II !!

Via Aqua Multi Skimmer with 5watt pc UV sterilizer
 guaranteed lowest price! We match prices. Confirm price when ordering.

Skilter 250 Supreme Skilter 250 
Protein Skimmer


Skilter 400 Protein Skimmer Supreme Skilter 400
Protein Skimmer


ETSS Professional Series Downdraft Skimmers
evolution 500 protein skimmer Evolution 500 
Protein Skimmer
200 gallon 7x7x22


Ultra Compact
Fits into any sump

22x7x7 in.
For medium aquariums
Processing Power = 500 GPH
Processing Range = 300-600 GPH
Recommended pump: -Magdrive 9.5  not included

evolution 750 protein skimmer Evolution 750 
Protein Skimmer
280 gallon 9x9x24


Maximum Evolution  Power

24 x 9 in. diameter
For medium to large sized aquariums
Processing Power = 750GPH
Processing Range = 500-750 GPH
Recommended pump: Little Giant 4mdqsc

HSA Protein Skimmers
HSA 250 Protein Skimmer by MTC Model 250 Protein Skimmer
also available as an external model for the same price

Marine Technical Concepts Protein Skimmers HSA 1000 Model 1000 Protein Skimmer  

easily handles 100 to 1000 gallon aquariums 


MTC HSA 3000

Model 3000 Protein Skimmer $995.00
Dual Injector

easily handles 200 to 3000 gallon aquariums 



MTC HSA Model 5000

Model 5000 Protein Skimmer $1966.99
Quad Injector
easily handles 4000 to 5000 gallon aquariums 


Easy Clean Injector Kit for old model HSA1000 with center pipe $119.99

Easy Clean Injector Kit for old model HSA 1000 with side pipe $84.99

wooden air stones 
for red sea and aquamedic internal protein skimmers $3.99

large wooden air stones $3.99

Check our [ Pumps Page ] for fantastic prices on pumps to use with our protein skimmers. 

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