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Reverse Osmosis Filters
D.I. Filters
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Reverse Osmosis Filters 

Reverse Osmosis Tap Water Filters

Spectrapure reverse osmosis filters

Reverse Osmosis Filter Add-Ons

Faucet Coupler  $7.99

Electronic Purity Monitor
Add this to your R/O filter, and it will monitor the output and let you know if the filter is operating correctly or if it is time to service the filter.  $54.00

Liquid Level Controller
Measures the water level in your sump or reservoir, and controls the R/O filter to keep it constant. $96.00

Powered Level Controller
Energizes or de-energizes an AC outlet based on water level  $79.99

Mixed Bed Deionization Filter 
Add-on Single unit. $65.99  
Double unit.  $123.99
Triple unit.  $167.99

Mixed Bed Deionization Filter Add-on with electronic purity monitor: 
Single unit  $96.99  
Double unit.  $150.99   

Y Union 1/4" tube push connectors   $2.99

Hand valve 1/4" tube push connectors   $6.99

Garden hose connector 1/4" push connector   $7.99

Spectrapure Liter Meter III Dosing Pump   $329.99

Replacement Filter Media

Prefilters should be changed at least once a year. The R/O membrane is good for 2-5 years, depending on the quality of your tap water and how much filtered water you use.

Silica Buster DI Cartridges Refill 
Cartridge with enhanced silica removal.   $19.99

Cartridge Housing 

Sediment Cartridges
1 micron microtek        $7.99
0.5 micron microtek      $15.99

Carbon Block
0.5 micron    $19.99
5 micron       $14.99
10 micron     $12.99

Replacement TFC membranes
If you used to have a 15gpd membrane you can replace it with a 25gpd membrane
25 gpd     $40.99
50 gpd     $45.99
80 gpd     $50.99
100 gpd    $55.99

Reverse Osmosis Tap Water Filters

Our Own Commercial RO
1- 10" 1 micron sediment cartridge
2- 10" 5 micron carbon cartridges
low pressure membrane operates best at 85psi operates down to 40psi

stainless steel membrane housing

650 gpd  $1135.99

Commercial Replacement TFC Membranes
450 gpd $399.99
low pressure
650gpd $437.99

Looking for an economical RO/DI unit?
These units come with a kit to connect to a cold water pipe:

3 stage RO/DI:   carbon, RO, DI with auto shutoff  25gpd $185.99
4 stage RO/DI: sediment, carbon, R.O., D.I. with auto shutoff  valve 100gpd $247.99

hand held TDS meter $29.99
inline before and after TDS meter $47.99

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